What are the costs?
Our services include initial set up fees, completed work on initial disputes, and monthly fees for services rendered on a monthly basis.

When are charges drafted?
We abide by all current federal regulation and only charge for completed services. Within the first two to five days of enrolling with our services, all work will be performed on your initial disputes. At this point, your first fee will be charged to your account. All monthly payment will be then be drafted only after services have been rendered. All cases are performed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled any time.

What are the benefits of disputing accounts?
Updating, correcting, or deleting accounts on your credit report can possibly have a big impact on your credit rating. This can allow you to reach a credit rating to receive lower interest rates when applying for loans and other lines of credit.

Improvements to credit can affect your interest rate, dependent on the size of loan, and can mean potentially thousands of dollars in savings. If you plan on applying for any type of loan, it is in your best interest to correct these errors and lock in the best possible interest rate.

Why fix my credit history?
Our credit histories are becoming increasingly important. Only a few years ago, the only company pulling a credit report was a mortgage lender, but now almost any type of company you are have a monthly billing program with, will pull a report to review the risk in working with you. Companies include:

⇒ Mortgage lenders
⇒ Credit Card companies
⇒ Utility companies
⇒ Upgraded Television services
⇒ Mobile phone companies
⇒ Landlords for apartment rentals
⇒ Employers when applying for jobs
⇒ Even online dating sites are moving to pull a report!

Our credit is becoming one of our strongest assets and it should be a priority to ensure it is as strong as possible.

Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounts to veterans, spouses, family members and friends. Please discuss all potential discounts during your credit consultation to see if you qualify!

Why  Park View Legal?
We take a hands on approach to the well-being of our clients. In fact, we go the extra mile to provide you the best possible results. Our account management center will discuss your case every month to ensure you are on track to achieve your goals. We will also further explain ways to achieve the highest credit rating possible for you. At Park View Legal, you are not just our customer, you are our priority.

What can be deleted?
We have successfully deleted every type of negative credit item over our years of service. Please be sure to ask one of our account management specialists for a copy of this list or refer to our results page to see actual result letters from our clientele. Even though we cannot guarantee the removal of all negative items from your account, we can show you can be done.

What is credit repair?
Credit repair has a negative connotation, but in actuality is a pro-consumer practice in exercising your federal rights to dispute any credit data you feel is inaccurate and may be affecting your credit rating. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows all consumers to question these items in efforts to ensure an accurate credit rating. With all the companies pulling credit profiles and evaluating you on your report, now is the time to ensure it is correct.

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